Backpacks That Save Lives

People have always believed that bags are just for carrying around personal items – just as the King Kong Bag 2.0 is like any other sports bag. But there have actually been numerous accounts by various folks about how their humble bags have saved their lives. Skiers for instance, are thankful for their airbag backpacks that has saved them from near suffocation during avalanches.

Black Backpack

Modern designers combine functionality with technology as they create bags of the future. In the coming years, backpacks will not only be a fashion staple; but also a great investment in keeping people safe. Here are some bags that are already ahead of their time.

Light-Up Bags

It looks like a simple, ordinary black backpack with sturdy form. Created by Korean designer Lee Myungsu, the Seil bag was built especially for cyclists.

It’s a known fact that cyclists are prone to road accidents because they lack proper warning devices. While vehicles have headlights and loud honks, cyclists rely on their skills and breaking ability to avoid road hazards. Lee wants to change all that with his innovation.

The rucksack displays traffic signals (like cruise, stop, and emergency break) in flashing waterproof LED lights. Big enough to be seen immediately and bright enough for night tours; it’s also customizable so people can showcase unique or funny messages for passersby and irritating drivers. The commands are sent from a bluetooth controller that can be attached on the handlebar. It even has a special mobile app so it can be managed via a smartphone.

Airbag backpacks

This type of bag are mostly used by skiers and snowboarders. They typically act as lifesavers during an avalanche by keeping the person on top of debris to avoid suffocation.

Besides a shovel, beacons, and probes, airbag backpacks are essential gears when it comes to snow-covered terrain where avalanches are frequent. Such disasters happen quickly and unexpectedly – one particular skier hardly believed her luck when she survived a deadly one during their trip.

These bags are really expensive and hence, has not gained much attention from many outdoor fans. But experts highly suggest buying one since they greatly increase chances of being found alive when an avalanche hits. Airbag backpacks cost around $400-$1,000; have two inflatable bags on either side; and has a lever in front to deploy the airbag mechanism.

Kevlar Packs

Kevlar is a synthetic material known for its high durability and strength. It’s used as a reinforcing agent for various items like tires; and also gears such as helmets and vests.

Now, this strong material is also used to make protective backpacks to shield against bullets and/or debris attacks. The RhinoSkin pack, designed by Hila Raam comes with a built-in protective hood for the head; and the combined vest guards vital organs like the heart, liver, and lungs.

Anyone can benefit from this pack; like backpackers trekking through troubled areas, or civilians in distraught places.

From its traditional purpose to saving lives, backpacks have certainly gone a long way since it’s invention and will continue to serve generations more.


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